Which is better for web application development GOLang or Node JS ?

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Which is better for web application development GOLang or Node JS ?

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GOLang is developed by Google and inherits most of the properties of C and Python. It’s designed to write code executable on the server.
NodeJS is a runtime environment in which we can also write code executable on server. NodeJS is based on Javascript and inherits all contructs of the language.

Performance, Scalability and Concurrency
Performance wise both show nearly same raw performance however when it comes to scalability and concurrency, GoLang is light years ahead of NodeJS because, GoLang is multi-threaded and thus has better concurrency. Javascript on the other hand is single threaded which is bad from concurrency point of view. If you intend to build massively scalable high performance computing type of applications, choose GoLang.

Ease of Use
GoLang is still evolving and thus has limited third party lib support unlike nodejs which has tons of libraries to ease up the task for you.

Error Handling
GoLang has a difficult error checking mechanism which calls for explicit error checks everywhere in the code. On the other hand, nodejs uses try, catch blocks like Java, making things a little easier on that front.
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