What type of civilization is humanity in at the moment ?

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What type of civilization is humanity in at the moment ? When will we become type 1 civilization ?

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Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev has classified human civilizations into the following 3 main categories:-

Type 1 civilization:- Also called planetary civilization capable of harnessing entire energy coming into the planet from the Sun i.e parent star (between 10^16 and 10^17 watts). More specifically:- 7×10^17 watts.

Type 2 civilization:-  Capable of harnessing entire energy radiated by the parent star i.e Sun and planets within the solar system, which falls between 10^25 and 10^26 watts (approximately 4 x 10^26 watts).

Type 3 civilization:- Capable of harnessing entire energy of the galaxy which falls between 10^36 and 10^37 watts (approx 4 x 10^37 watts). Also called as galactic civilization.

By forward interpolation, it can be deduced that the civilization rating can be calculated using the formula:- ————————-(1)
Where K = civilization rating and P is power consumption in watts.

According to world energy consumption index, our current energy consumption is 17.7 terawatts which equals 1.77e+13 watts. Putting the value in equation 1 we get, K= (log (1.77e+13)- 6) /10 = 0.72 which means we are at 0.72 rating on the Kardashev scale of civilizations.

Scientists believe that we will become type 1 Civilization in another 100 years time !!

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